There are usually two reasons why you can't download the lessons. 1. You do not have an app (application/program) that can launch a zip file. You can download the program here:

2. It is also likely that you have not downloaded the files correctly. If so, I recommend downloading the files (the course) again.  

These are the 2 download options, and I'll tell you which one is the best considering that the files are very large (sometimes over 500mb).  

a) Download the course (the files) directly to a computer and then transfer the files to any other device. (This is the best option considering that courses may take some time to download.  

b) Download directly to your smartphone or tablet. However, in this case, especially with IOS devices (iphone or ipad) it is possible that the installation will become more complex, especially if you use the default browser that is Safari. If this is the only option you have, I recommend that you use another browser to download it (Chrome, Firefox, etc) Also, the internet connection should be stable. If it's not stable, the download process will be interrupted.

How to Install/Download on a macOs and How to add files using iTunes to iPhone or iPad  

The first step is to go to the email you have received and click on the download link. If you have purchased more than one course, please note that the courses are should be downloaded separately. We are now on the download page.  

To download, click on the CLICK HERE button. I’m using Safari and up here I can see when the download will finish. and also if I click on this tab it will take me to the download folder.  

Luckily MAC already has a program that extracts ZIP files so you don't need to worry about downloading any additional applications. However I’ve recorded some tutorials and you’ll see it’s more complicated if you’re using Windows or any other device.  

If you download from a tablet or a cell phone, you will need an app called iZip.  

Once the file has been downloaded we can keep it in the download folder or if you prefer you can copy it somewhere else.  

Now we're going to add the files to an iPhone or iPad using iTunes.  

Open iTunes and go to Music and create a Playlist and call it Beginners’ course.  

We go back to the Download folder and drag the entire Beginners’ course folder.  

Now you can see all the audio files are in the new music playlist. You just need to sync the files to your iPhone or iPad and start listening to the audio files using the Music app on your iOS device Ipone or iPad..  

Connect your iPhone or iPad and sync the new playlist called Beginners’ course.  

Select Music - Beginners' Course Playlist and then click on the Apply button .  

That's all!  

How to Install/Download on iOS - iPhone iPad

Let's see how to install the files of the English courses that come in a Zip format. This time on an iPhone or iPad. I recommend you to use a PC because it's more comfortable. However, if it's not possible you can do this with an iPad or an iPhone. All you need is a good internet connection and a lot of patience. 

So, we're going to open the email and click on the download link. We need patience, and we have to wait. Once the download is complete then we need an app (application) which is called iZip. If you don't have it, don't worry! I'll show you how to find it.

Also, make sure that you're using Wi-Fi and not 3G or 4G. 

And we're opening the zip with the iZip app. Now you can open the zip file and extract files press ok extract the files. 

That's it! So, we can click here now. Because it's been extracted. It's like a normal file. You can read the Readme text. It's important that you read it. 

And also the audios, you can see all the lessons. I'm gonna teach you how to get the iZip app from the App Store.  

It's really simple! So, we open the App Store; we search for iZip.  

There are two versions. You can choose the yellow or the blue one. Okay, so once you have it on your iPhone you can openany zip file! That's it!

How to Install/Download on Android

It’s quite easy to download the English courses that come in zip format (they are compressed). You only need to install an app that can unzip or open this type of zip files and a good internet connection.  

It is really important to keep in mind that the courses will take a long time to download.  

Therefore, I only recommend using a WIFI connection and not 3G or 4G.  

Let's go now to Play Store and look for the iZip or RAR app. In this video I will use the RAR app. Once we have downloaded the app we open it and look for the DOWNLOADS folder.  

Everything we download is transferred to this folder.  

In this folder you will find the beginner's course called 30Days.  

As you can see there are 2 files with this same name only that one is in zip format (compressed.)  

and the other one is already unpacked and looks just like a normal folder.  

Before the unpacked file appears here, we need to click on the file in the zip format first  

and we hit this arrow button. You see an arrow button, you hit this arrow button and then  

I will select OVERWRITE because I already have the file-  

So don’t worry, click on Overwrite too, it’s not the most important thing here. What you want is to uncompress the files.  

so that you can access all the audios and the texts.  

We already have our folder with the Beginner's course and here you can see all the files all the audios and the transcripts.  

Now I'm going to show you how to download the file. I recommend using the  

Chrome app (browser) Because it will show you the progress, how much time does it take for the course to download on your device.  

Go to the download page and press CLICK HERE.  

You can already see how much time’s left before the download is complete.  

That's it for now!  


How to install on Windows and also From Windows to Android

I would help to install or download the course on your  

Windows PC and then transfer the files to  

your android cell phone or tablet.  

Therefore, I already have opened the downloads page  

and I have here the two courses The course for beginners and fluency.  

I will download only the course for beginners’ course because  

it will download faster.  

While you’re downloading the course  

I’d like to recommend Google Chrome instead Internet Explorer  

I am using this browser right now.  

When you’re using Chrome after the download’s finished You can click on this tab and it will show you exactly where your file is located on your PC.  

You’ll need to install a software, a program called 7zip which can transform a zip file into an ordinary folder.  

Right now all the lessons are compressed into a single file. It’s the zip file that you’ll need to open with this software called 7zip which by the way is completely free.  

Therefore let’s get this software from the 7Zip website for Windows 7. I'll click here to download  

If you’re getting the software in English you’ll need to select RUN and then INSTALL.  

It’s very easy to install and to use  

Now I have the beginner’s course on my PC  

I already have the course on my PC.  

Remember to click on this tab which will take you to the location where the course is.  

Here's the course in the zip format  

Therefore, we need to use the 7Zip software so we can access all the audios and texts.  

Right click and select this following option: EXTRACT FILES and click OK.  

Now the file is just like any other ordinary folder where you can now access all the files.  

And an extra step.  

I would like to show you how to copy the files on your Android tablet or cell phone. If you have a Windows PC connect the USB cable.  

You’ll see how it’ll automatically open the INTERNAL STORAGE. And here's a folder  

Called MUSIC. Just add all the Beginner’s course files inside this folder.  

It’s very easy! Just look how easy it is:  

So here I have the file 30 Days and I’m dragging all the files.  

Now just go to the default music player. You can start listening to the lessons. 

Thanks for watching!

If you still have any further questions about how to download or to install the courses please you send us a message right now!